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A licensed California attorney, was the founding dean of ALU in 1995. Prior to that, Dean Green was the Southern California Regional Director of the largest and most successful bar review in California and the United States. After ALU, Dean Green became the academic dean of AHU in August 2010. Starting with zero (0) students, the school grew to an incredible size of over 100 students within one year. For the very first time in the school’s seven-year history, it had first-year students that successfully passed the FYLSX in October of 2011. The school continued to have success on the FYLSX and the latest statistics for the October 2014 FYLSX showed the school had an overall pass rate of 50%. Likewise, the school also, for the first time in their ten-year history accomplished two milestones, first, the school had their first juris doctorate (JD) graduate, and second, a gradute passed the July 2013 General Bar Examination (GBX). The latest statistics for the July 2014 GBX showed the school had overall pass rate of 33.3%.

Edward R. Green, Esq

Possesses extensive experience in the areas of executive management, strategic planning, student services management, operations, administration and recruitment.  Mr. Morrison's vast technical and web-design expertise ensures the seamless operation of a law school.


Mr. Morrison became the Director of Admissions and Student Services at AHU in 2010.  At that time, the student population was zero (0).  In 9 months, the student population grew to almost 100.  This growth continued throughout until his departure in 2015.  AHU’s growth would not have been possible without the unparalleled experience that Mel Morrison, as Director of Admissions and Student Services brought to the school. Before taking that position, Mr. Morrison was the Director of Admissions at ALU where the school also enjoyed a large student population. Growth and retention of a large number of students was accomplished through his dedication and relentless work ethic.


His exacting accuracy ensures strict compliance with California Committee of Bar Examiner guidelines.  He also provides unwavering professionalism, continuous motivation and encouragement to all students as they seek to complete the juris doctor degree program.

Mel Morrison

Edward R. Green, President,


Mel Morrison, Vice President,

Director of Admissions and Deputy Registrar


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