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CONTRACTS  Week One, Sample Lesson One

1 Hour, 42 Minutes

Contracts - Law 101


Students will study both the common law contract principles relating to contracts for services and the Uniform Commercial Code contract principles relating to contracts for goods.. They will learn the rules governing the formation of contracts such as offer, acceptance, consideration & defenses, such as, the statute of frauds, capacity, illegality, misrepresentation/fraud, duress, unconscionability, undue influence and mistake. Students will also study contractual conditions, third-party rights, assignments, delegations & the law pertaining to the enforcement of contracts, liability & remedies for breach of contract.


Lecture Sample  Please be advised that this is a "demonstration version" of the high definition lectures that are provided to all students.  These high quality lectures are fully downloadable, in MP4 format, for viewing on your Desktop PC, Laptop, Tablet , iPhone or Android devices.

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