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American Institute of Law focuses its attention on one, singular mission—giving the best possible education to our students and working with them, as a team, towards completion of their Juris Doctorates.  It is our honor to partner with our students in their educational journey.

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Why Choose American Institute of Law?

People always dream of their futures and their careers as children. I always dreamed of being Wonder Woman. When I took some High school law courses, I felt like wonder woman while learning and discussing the law. I was so entertained and stimulated I became to dream of being an Attorney. Seeing that I was a Hispanic girl from Los Angeles, I never thought my Law School dreams would be more then just that.


I went through life, my husband joined the Marines and I became a nurse. Safe, steady careers. As a nurse I worked in a variety of settings, my favorite being the Director of Staff Development for an amazing Alzheimer's care Unit. Interacting with the staff and being their go to for educational and personal needs was amazing. I was able to do all this while assisting a very vulnerable population of our society.  


I enjoyed nursing, but I still fantasied about becoming a lawyer. I thought I would try my had at law and attend an undergraduate program for Paralegal Studies. This program re-ignited my passion for the law and it was then that I knew; this is where I belong. I began working in the legal field as a paralegal and my area of law was family law. Here, I could still help those most vulnerable in our communities and do tremendous good for many families.


Many years,  and 4 kids later I found American Institute of Law. Mel Morrison and I began to talk about how this school could work for me and my specific needs. Other schools out there required so much face time, and with all of my commitments I couldn't afford that physical time. Mel illustrated how convenient AIL was and put all of my worries to rest. He is an amazing motivational support person and he believes in you.  He proved that this school was everything I wanted and needed so I had to give it a try. Give my dream a try.

Now that I've been a student here for a while I can see my dream is not only attainable but, it's going to be a great ride. The online interface is easy to use and intuitive to my needs.The interface is very akin to Facebook so there was not much of a learning curve. I was able to navigate and understand the technology used from day one.  As a mother of four children, I don't always have time available when I want it. AIL helps me make time by having 100% downloadable lectures for me to take with me anywhere at anytime so that I have my classes available when I am.


The faculty and support staff have been just as supportive as my own family. I truly believe that this school is the best thing that could have ever happened to my family. I am happier now that I am on the path of my choosing and my family benefits from that. My husband and children are so proud of mommy.  I will be an Attorney, I will achieve my dreams, I will do it all thanks to American Institute of Law.


Tina Flores

Juris Doctorate Candidate

American Institute of Law

Los Angeles County, CA



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